Taos Youth Soccer League

Welcome to Taos Rush Soccer League online registration!

We have new online registration software and EVERYONE will need to create a new account before registering (no information will be present from the previous software). EVERYONE needs to register for the FALL season. Please be patient as we get accustomed to the new software (this change has been mandated by the state).

COACHES will also need to create an account and make sure all their documentation is in order (you can check this in your account).

We are currently CLOSED for registration for the FALL 2018 SEASON.

We are still using the new uniform recycling feature for the league. You will be asked to enter a coupon code number if you would like to use your same uniform from last season. The coupon code is 111 you will have $15 taken off of your final registration cost.

We are looking at Opening Day being Saturday Sept. 15, 2018, Schedule to be released 9/13/18

*Please double check our refund policy (BEFORE REGISTERING), you can see this during the registration process.

If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.